Atoka is a SaaS B2B lead generation service, currently targeting the Italian market. The ambition and value proposition of this business case are to:

  • Extend Atoka’s content coverage to at least two new countries (UK and Norway)
  • Deepen and improve the data quality and its coverage in all the three covered countries
  • Atoka is currently used by hundreds of customers (SMEs, Banks, Large Corporations, Local Government Bodies) in Italy and the number of paying users is growing steadily each month. Extending the content coverage to new countries will have an immediate positive impact on Atoka’s potential customer base.

    Using the euBusinessGraph infrastructure will enable Atoka to handle a number of technical challenges such as:

  • Consistent cross-country and cross-language user experience and data harmonisation
  • Country-independent identification of corporate websites and language-independent extraction of website data
  • Identifying and disambiguating company mentions in news across and languages
  • Another crucial source of company information are news: Atoka currently processes more than 70K Italian news/day and it uses a special version of Dandelion API to find company mentions.

    Despite this is a trivial task for larger companies whose trade names are less ambiguous, disambiguating millions of SMEs (most of which have similar trade names) is a complex task.

    Within the project we will extend the engine to be able to disambiguate multilingual news against cross-border company (IT, NO, UK).